Dropsite Library

Aging True's Dropsite Library

Here’s a library of helpful documents for Aging True’s Dropsite Program, along with job descriptions for Nutrition Volunteer positions.

Important Volunteer Documents

Florida Volunteer Protection Act - (F.S. 768.1355)

Florida’s Volunteer Protection Act extends protection to many volunteers. Under this act, volunteers for non-profit organizations are considered agents of the organization when they are performing their official duties. These volunteers are not liable for any negligence resulting in injury to anyone if they are acting within the scope of their duties, as an ordinary reasonably prudent person would have acted, and they were not intentionally negligent. Specifically, the Volunteer Protection Act states they “any person who volunteers to perform any service for any non-profit organization, including an officer or director of such organization, without compensation, except reimbursement for actual expenses, shall be considered an agent of such non-profit organization when acting within the scope of any official duties performed under such volunteer services.” Such volunteers “shall incur no civil liability for any act or omission… which results in personal injury or property damage if (the volunteer) was acting in good faith within the scope of any official duties… and (the volunteer) was acting as an ordinary reasonable prudent person would have acted under the same or similar circumstances; and the injury or damage was not caused by any wanton or willful misconduct.

Aging True Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below are job descriptions for the various volunteering opportunities we have associated with our meal delivery program. If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Manager, Christa Martin, at [email protected].

This volunteer will assist the daily operation of the Cathedral Café, a congregate meal site located within the Cathedral Terrace, a HUDD funding housing site for seniors and disabled adults. Volunteer position will include greeting and socializing with clients, serving meals, and cleaning up after the meal.

Volunteers pick up meals from one of 12 designated drop sites in Duval County and deliver them on a scheduled route at least once a month. The major function of this volunteer role is to deliver meals in a safe and timely manner with exceptional care, while providing the highest level of customer service.

Throughout the year, Aging True requires volunteer assistance in making contact with our client base at Thanksgiving and Christmas and in case of inclement weather. Volunteers in the call down position will reach out to a list of clients and take notes for Aging True staff, allowing our staff to effectively serve the client base.